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Right to Barre Arms® Apparel

It's about so much more than sassy shirts.  It's about celebrating strength, changing the way people think about barre fitness, and creating a strong community of brave and bad-ass women. 


What is Barre?

We're so glad you asked! We like to describe barre as the “working elements” of ballet--no dance experience required. A typical barre class combines elements of ballet, Pilates, yoga and functional training, using lighter weights (or no weights at all!) and high repetitions. For many exercises, you have the benefit of the barre to hold on to for support and balance. Many classes are designed for all fitness levels, and a good instructor can help you with modifications as needed. 

Using under-utilized muscles in a unique way gives you that oh-so-good, shake and burn jello legs sensation. Over time, this gives way to increased flexibility and balance plus lean and sculpted muscles, without adding bulk--the so-called "dancer's body". Since barre is low-impact, it can be useful to recover from running injuries and to cross-train for other workouts. If you haven’t tried it yet, find a class today! Before you go, be sure to pick up a Right to Barre Arms ® tank and hat and be the envy of the class!  



 Hi, I'm Tracy!  I created Right to Barre Arms® to connect my love of fitness and fashion.  At first, it was just a fun creative outlet and change of pace from my legal career. I never dreamed that it would change my life so much or take me so far out of my comfort zone, but here I am! Nothing lights my soul on fire more than seeing people getting to create and live the life that they want. I love leading others as a barre fitness instructor and inspiring overall wellness through coaching and writing.

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